RAPID PULSE 2017 |schedule


Guest of honor: JEFFERSON PINDER [RP13]

Celebrate the opening of Rapid Pulse 2017 at our Vernissage on Thursday, June 1, with guest of honor, 2017 Guggenheim Fellow, Jefferson Pinder.

6PM | Reception with drinks and hors d’oeuvres | $20 [get tickets]

8PM | Talk by Jefferson Pinder | $5 donation request at the door


7PM |  Ayana Evans [RP15] | Diaz Lewis [RP14] | Industry of the Ordinary [RP12]

video program | Metaphor: With or Without Recourse Jeffery Byrd [RP13] Francisco-fernando Granados [RP12] | Jon John [RP12] | Lechdevirgen Trimegisto [RP15]

stǓ | John Burkholder + Jessica Bortman [RP16]


5PM | Michael Thomas/Lucky Pierre [RP12] | OFFSITE*: 2001 W. Fulton | FREE

7PM | Alison Crocetta + Peter Reese [RP14] Eli K Gold [RP16]

video program | Re-Imagining/Re-ImagingAtom-r [RP15] | Jess Dobkin [RP13] | Shana Moulton [RP12] | Endam Nihan [RP14] | Sandrine Schaefer [RP14] | Andrei Venghiac [RP16]

9PM | Michael Thomas/Lucky Pierre[RP12] | OFFSITE* 2001 W. Fulton | FREE

stǓ | JGV / WAR = J Gibran Villalobos + Wil A Ruggiero  [RP16]


3PM | Panel Discussion | subject: Performing Leadership: Links in Creativity

moderator: Carlos Salazar Lermont
panelists: Jackie Taylor, Joseph Ravens, Mark Jeffery, Angeliki Tsoli

5PM | Fereshteh Toosi [RP13] | OFFSITE** Start at DFBRL8R + walk to Eckhart Park | FREE

7PM |  Mikey McParlane + Erica Gressman [RP14]  |  Carlos Salazar Lermont [RP13]

video program | Embodied PoliticsManuel López [RP16] | Raquel Punto [RP13] | Willem Wilhelmus [RP12] + Arianne Foks [RP12] | Victor de la Rocque[RP15] | Francesca Fini [RP13] | Arianna Ferrari [RP13] | Tales Frey [RP12] | Jai Du [RP16]

stǓ | Miller & Shellabarger [RP13]

RAPID PULSE 2017 |offsite

*American Slut” takes place at 2001 W Fulton | SW Corner of Fulton and Damen | FREE | Michael Thomas is the director of Lucky Pierre, a collaborative group working in performance, activism, and visual art to create structures for open forms of engagement with various publics. “American Slut,” a solo performance, is perhaps a re-telling of Clint Eastwood’s film based on the Chris Kyle memoir “American Sniper.” It’s also about the early AIDS crisis, queer identity, crumbling political and economic systems, the tenure review process, rage, getting shot and getting laid. Drinks may be served, and dancing may follow.

**Fereshteh Toosi begins at Defibrillator at 5PM and the group will migrate collectively two blocks east to Eckhart Park for a participatory performance. FREE. Fereshteh Toosi designs experiences and objects using hybrid approaches that combine images, sounds, movement, and found materials. Fereshteh’s participatory art work takes many forms, ranging from oyster mushroom sculptures, films processed in mint tea and yeasts, and guided walks about the lithium mining industry.

RAPID PULSE 2017|sponsors

Rapid Pulse is made possible by the generous support from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago Sullivan Galleries and SAIC Departments of Performance, Visual and Critical Studies, and Arts Administration and Policy; Lagunitas Brewing Co; Awake Cafe; Lovely Kitchen and Cafe; Five Star Bar; Opart Thai; Andrés Lemus-Spont/Building Brown Workshop; Kokorokoko; Standing Passengers; The Dill Pickle Food Co-op; Vincent Restaurant; Rosekill/Grace Exhibition Space; Spread Art; David Getsy, Jane Wenger; Daniéle Wilmouth; Cream; Jumptwist; Mr. Vibe; Ohio Art and Design; Felis Major Letterpress & Bindery. Defibrillator is made possible with support from the Martha Strutters Farley and Donald C. Farley, Jr. Family Foundation; DFBRL8R Board of Directors; and generous contributions from our loving community.