RAPID PULSE 2017 | retrospect

RAPID PULSE 2017|retrospect

Embracing the theme: retrospect, the sixth annual Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival features artists from one of the prior editions. Fostering local makers while invigorating Chicago with artists of exceptional calibre from around the world, Rapid Pulse champions performance art that looks to the body in concert and conversation with time, object, space, architecture, and society. In addition to live performance art, each day of Rapid Pulse includes a Performance Video Program + stǓ, a curated late-night post-performance soup kitchen.

Rapid Pulse 2017 performance photos by Nabeela Vega, Jennie Klein, Dana Durfee + courtesy of the artists

RAPID PULSE 2017|venue

DEFIBRILLATOR GALLERY [DFBRL8R] | 1463 West Chicago Avenue. Bus #66 right to the door or 10 minute walk west from the Chicago Blue Line El Stop.

Defibrillator photo by Andrei Venghiac

RAPID PULSE 2017|performances


FRI 02 JUN | Ayana Evans [RP15] | Diaz Lewis [RP14] | Industry of the Ordinary [RP12]

SAT 03 JUN |
Michael Thomas/Lucky Pierre [RP12]  |  Alison Crocetta + Peter Reese [RP14] Eli K Gold [RP16]

SUN 04 JUN |
Fereshteh Toosi RP13] | Mikey McParlane + Erica Gressman [RP14]  |  Carlos Salazar Lermont [RP13]


stǓ is a curated late-night post-performance soup kitchen. Setting aside traditional forms of discourse, Rapid Pulse 2017 continues to provide an atmosphere where exchange of ideas happens naturally and conversations flow freely – as they tend to do over food and drink, at table.  Featuring chicago based Rapid Pulse alums

FRI 02 JUN | John Burkholder + Jessica Bortman [RP16]

SAT 03 JUN | JGV / WAR [RP16]

SUN 04 JUN | Miller & Shellabarger [RP13]

RAPID PULSE 2017|panel discussion

SUN 04 JUNE | 3PM | Performing Leadership: Links in Creativity
moderator: Carlos Salazar Lermont
panelists: Jackie Taylor, Joseph Ravens, Mark Jeffery, Angeliki Tsoli

This panel celebrates the initiatives taken by the guest participants within the field of performance and raises questions about their varying methodologies to ask, How is leadership performed? Are there particular traits to performance that lend themselves to cultural leadership? And How do performers lead?

RAPID PULSE 2017|video series

FRI 02 JUN | Metaphor: With or Without Recourse?

Jeffery Byrd [RP13] | Francisco-Fernando Granados [RP12] | Jon John [RP12] | Lechdevirgen Trimegisto [RP15]

SAT 03 JUN | Re-Imagining/Re-Imaging

Atom-r [RP15] | Jess Dobkin [RP13] | Shana Moulton [RP12] | Endam Nihan [RP14] | Sandrine Schaefer [RP14] | Andrei Venghiac [RP16]

SUN 04 JUN | Embodied Politics

Manuel López [RP16] | Raquel Punto [RP13] | Willem Wilhelmus [RP12] + Arianne Foks [RP12] | Victor de la Rocque[RP15] | Francesca Fini [RP13] | Arianna Ferrari [RP13] | Tales Frey [RP12] | Jai Du [RP16]


videos will play on a continuous loop in the main gallery

Alejandro Acierto [RP16] | Scott N Andrew [RP14] | Arahmaiani [RP13]  |Jeremiah Barber [RP13] | Heidi Wiren Bartlett [RP16] | Anna Berndtson [RP13] | Monet Clark  [RP12] | Jai Du [RP16] | Michael Dudek [RP12] |  Beverly Fre$h [RP13] |  Ryan Hawk [12] | Michael H Hall [RP13]| River Lin [RP16] | Shana Moulton [RP12] |  Bernardo Stumpf [RP15] | Weeks + Whitford [RP15] |Tori Wrånes [RP15]

RAPID PULSE 2017|sponsors

Rapid Pulse is made possible by the generous support from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago Sullivan Galleries and SAIC Departments of Performance, Visual and Critical Studies, and Arts Administration and Policy; Lagunitas Brewing Co; Awake Cafe; DigitalDana.com; Lovely Kitchen and Cafe; Five Star Bar; Opart Thai; Andrés Lemus-Spont/Building Brown Workshop; Kokorokoko; Standing Passengers; The Dill Pickle Food Co-op; Vincent Restaurant; Rosekill/Grace Exhibition Space; Spread Art; David Getsy, Jane Wenger; Daniéle Wilmouth; Dana Durfee; Cream; Jumptwist; Mr. Vibe; Ohio Art and Design; Felis Major Letterpress & Bindery. Defibrillator is made possible with support from the Martha Strutters Farley and Donald C. Farley, Jr. Family Foundation; DFBRL8R Board of Directors; and generous contributions from our loving community.